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MGM aerial view.jpg
Aerial photograph of the newly established MGM hotel and casino, showcased during the daytime.

Photograph (front and back) of key individuals in the history of George Mason University breaking ground for the new George Mason College campus in Fairfax Va., August 1, 1963. Pictured in foreground from left to right are: John C. Wood, Clarence…

On May 31, 1972, the newly appointed Board of Visitors for George Mason University met for the Inaugural Meeting. During the meeting they would discuss several important issues and make some initial decisions on these issues, including choosing the…

Legislation establishing George Mason University as an independent institution, separate from the University of Virginia, April 1972. This is taken from Virginia Acts of Assembly, Volume 1, Regular Session, Chapter 550. Three pages.

An image of the Historic Records Center In Fairfax, VA

A picture representation of the Historic Courthouse of Fairfax, Virginia.

This is an image of the portrait of George Mason. It serves as an important memorial.

Rise of Massive Resistance.jpg
Cover of Numan Bartley's book The Rise of Massive Resistance

Outside photo of George Mason University's Point of View International Retreat and Conference Center
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