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troy petition.png
Petition requesting action on the part of Congress to suppress dueling

to the public disgraced coward mccarty.png
John McCarty attacking Armistead Mason's character in a public letter

The new code of chivalry or what we would have done.jpg
A depiction of the late John Cilley in minstrel attire being held by Webb's companions as Webb murders him. It presents a counterfactual scenario in which Webb succeeded in catching Cilley.

scene in washington.jpg
Cartoon satirizing James Webb for his involvement in a recent fatal duel between Cilley and Graves

Bladensburg 1.png
Part of an article listing duels which took place at Bladensburg

Interior Image of Gunston Hall's Little Parlor

Photo of Mansion and Landscape from Image Gallery at George Mason's Gunston Hall Website.
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