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Dr. Lorin Thompson


Dr. Lorin A. Thompson

Dr. Lorin A. Thompson was the first official President of George Mason University. He was an instrumental part of George Mason College declaring independence from The University of Virginia. Dr. Thompson moved to Virginia in 1940 from the Midwest. Before he started his work with the University of Virginia he worked for the Virginia State Planning Board and then was the head of theĀ Bureau of Population and Economic Research at the University of Virginia. Dr. Thompson then moved on to be the Chancellor for George Mason College, under the University of Virginia. During his time as Chancellor, he made some significant improvements to George Mason College, including the expanse of not only the land in 1969 but also of the student population. [2]

When George Mason College declared it's independence from the University of Virginia in 1972, becoming George Mason University, Dr. Thompson was one of the foremost people leading the charge for change. At theĀ inaugural meeting of the Board of Visitors for the new George Mason University, Dr. Thompson was named President of this new university. This appointment as everyone knew was a temporary one. Dr. Thompson was close to retiring and the Board of Visitors used his appointment to focus on more pressing issues such as the budget and would find a replacement for Dr. Thompson soon. The original appointment was declared for six months at the most. [1]

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