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This is a miniature portrait of Thomson Mason

thomson mason Newspaper 1769 sale slaves.pdf
Advertisement in the Virginia Gazette for a sale of the Plantation called Hollingsworth near Leesburg in Loudoun county. "A GREAT number of likely SLAVES, consisting of men, women, and children..." as well as livestock and implements. Also Mason's…

Bond taken out in 1820 by William Gooding, the proprietor of Gooding’s Tavern. It states that it is valid as long as William Gooding offers “clean” and “wholesome” lodging and diet for travelers and fodder and pasturage for their horses. It also…

This entry in the minute book reveals that courts set the rates for taverns. On March 3rd of 1807, the Court recorded the rates for Liquors for tavern keepers. The list includes rates for “a warm dinner with cider beer,” English or American porter,…

Map of Virginia in 1606 as seen and recorded by John Smith. This map shows Indian towns at the beginning of English colonialism. The map focuses on Powhatan's holdings (as understood by Smith), along with a few other tribes. The map also notes the…

This modern map shows the locations of Powhatan tribes in 1607.

Record of court discipline of George Mason I and others for their crimes against Patawomeck chief Wahaganoche.
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