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A sermon by James Madison, president of William and Mary, on Protestantism. He offers his views on how religion can become corrupted and how to combat this within ones' own church. This sermon offers an insight on views of the Church of England after…

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This section of the index shows some of the differences in and specifics of the law of slaves, servants, and citizens.

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the four pages describes Some of the key events leading up Civil War And its proposed causes. the pages include images such as the attack on Fort Sumter, And a picture of Jefferson Davis.

The Gibsons, a family of five are the center of an article describing the "ideal library family." Listed are Mr and Mrs Gibson, their daughter Ann, 14, and sons Philip, 10, and Paul, 7. 'National Library week' was brought the libraries and family…

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A poster of Dorrie Miller, present during the Pearl Harbor Attack, that reads, "above and beyond the call of duty".

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Excerpt from page 163 of a 1988 article by Diane Granat in The Washingtonian titled, "Growing Up Fast." This excerpt describes some of the unhapiness harbored by existing faculty at the time regarding the Robinson Professors Program.

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This poster depicts Robert E. Lee, a confederate general and native Virginian, used to encourage other Virginians to join the Lee Navy Volunteers during World War 2. The poster reads as follows, “I fought for Virginia… now it’s your turn! Join the…

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An article from The Washington Post, March 10, 1984, reporting Robinson's $5 million donation to GMU, which would be used to start the Robinson Professors Program.
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